Carolina Reaper Challenge

Welcome to the home of The Official Carolina Reaper Challenge. Do you have what it takes to take on the World's Hottest Chili Pepper? Time to find out. Here is what you have to do to complete the Carolina Reaper Challenge.

  1. Purchase the Carolina Reaper chili product of your choice from our shop.
  2. Record a video of yourself consuming the chili and post it to social media, it doesn't matter which one - Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Reddit, etc. - just somewhere that we can see it. Make sure to tag us.
  3. Send us the link using the form below.
  4. Once we check it out, we will ask for your mailing address to ship you one of the coveted Carolina Reaper Challenge Coins.

Carolina Reaper Challenge Coin

Think you have what it takes? Shop now.


Already completed the Carolina Reaper Challenge? Please use the form below to send us the link to your video, along with your mailing address. Once received, we will check it out, add you to our Hall of Flame 🔥, and drop your coin in the mail.